Easy Split other FAQs


How can we add vendors at the platform?

Vendors can be added manually from the dashboard. We also support automated addition through the APIs.

How many vendors can receive commissions from a single transaction?

Up to 5 vendors can receive settlements on a single payment by users.

How do refunds get handled?

The refunded amount gets adjusted during the next settlement. It will be deducted from the commission amount of vendors who received a settlement on that transaction.

How many settlements do vendors receive per day?

One. Settlement of all the unsettled transactions are grouped together and sent as a single payout. We share the bank reference number for the transfers, that can be shared with the vendors for tracking purposes.

How many hours do I have to spend every day to manage settlements?

ZERO. Every hop in the process is automated from receiving payments through Payment Gateway till settlements into the vendor's bank account. Running a business takes a lot of energy and we don't want you to spend your valuable time on non-creative aspects of it.

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